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fat pug
It is estimated that over 40% of cats and dogs are overweight or obese. But this growing problem often goes unnoticed. 45% of cat and dog owners believed their pet to be normal body weight before their vet assessed them to be overweight.

After a long winter many of us have lapsed in our daily exercise routines. With spring waiting (hopefully) around the corner here are a few tips to get your four-legged friend back into shape.

During your next visit we can accurately assess your pet’s ideal weight and create a customized feeding and exercise plan for them. If your pet is overweight we can provide you with personalized nutritional guidance to help your pet reach his or her healthy weight and develop a plan to monitor progress. Our team can help your pet live a longer, happier, and healthier life!

You can help your pet maintain a healthy, active lifestyle at home by making a few simple changes. Instead of feeding high calorie biscuits and treats from the grocery store, try treating your pooch with tasty snacks like uncooked carrots and green beans. Apples also make a fun and different treat. Be careful though when trying new fruits and veggies! Grapes, onions, and avocados are all toxic to your cat and dog. The most important part to remember when sharing a snack with your pet is MODERATION. We want to share kisses, not calories.

Exercise is an important component of any fitness plan. During the cold months it is difficult to get our canine friends out for as much exercise as they would normally see in the summer months. When it’s not too cold or icy out, bundling Rover up in a jacket and booties make walking much more bearable.

When it’s just too cold or to get your cat moving, have them work for their dinner. Hide kibble in places your pet can easily access for a fun hide and seek alternative. Treat balls and other toys that hide food will keep pets active and entertained for hours. Ask our staff for a suitable recommendation for your cat or dog.

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  1. We want to thank your team for the kindness and care of Buddy (Budman to us) yesterday. Thank you so much. I know it helped him. And really that is all that matters. Geordie & Carole

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